The unprecedented global pandemic has resulted in restricted travel and challenges for supply chain professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, IAM Robotics has designed a virtual experience to help guide you through our robotic solution to determine if it is the best fit to drive your business.

Watch and Learn

Watch Swift Interact with its Environment

Swift is the first autonomous mobile manipulation robot designed to fully automate the piece-picking process. Watch this and see how Swift picks items off the shelves and how it can discharge and accept totes from the conveyor.

Long-Tail Automation

Swift robots pick more long-tail inventory products so your people and existing automation systems can be more productive.

Realizing an ROI for Fully Autonomous Robots

It’s difficult to see the future with a transformative solution, even when a representative unit of that solution operates in front of your eyes. Understand the questions you need to ask to help build an ROI for optimizing your operations.

Putting an ‘M’ in AMMR

This session focuses on autonomous robots and understanding the fundamental differences between autonomous mobile manipulation robots (AMMR) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

Boost Automation Capacity by 15%

Challenge: Slow-moving products were delaying order fulfillment and clogging existing automation systems for a large pharmaceutical distributor. Totes filled with outgoing products were backing up on conveyors — creating a bottleneck, diminishing throughput and ultimately under utilizing other automation systems down the line.

Solution: The distributor moved its slower-moving, long-tail products from a high-speed automation system to a long-tail automation zone, and then deployed IAM Robotics' Swift robots to pick there.

Results: The distributor realized a 15% increase in existing facility capacity. Swift robots in this zone decreased the number of totes conveyed to the bottleneck, thereby alleviating the queue and allowing existing automation systems to receive their totes and be fully utilized.

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Grow Your Business Without Adding Labor

Our autonomous mobile manipulation robots (AMMRs) are transforming e-commerce fulfillment centers by providing a complete automation solution for warehouses and distribution centers seeking to optimize the long-tail business model.

By automating the picking of long-tail products, our robotic labor system can relieve the tremendous pressure that’s building in warehouses across the country and around the world due to SKU proliferation.

The Swift Product Solution works tirelessly to ensure that your orders are ready for shipping, on time, every time. With innovative technology and world-class engineering, our solution easily integrates with your existing warehouse management system and infrastructure to save you time and money quickly.