I AM Bolt

IAM Robotics innovates again by delivering its industry-leading robotics expertise in Bolt. Bolt is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR), designed to work with and around people for handling and transporting materials within and between zones inside a traditional warehouse environment. Bolt has a flexible interface for multiple payload options that can be used for various applications. Bolt is intended to be modular, so you can deploy additional robots over time and scale as needed.

Reduce walking by 75%

  • Warehouse employees typically walk 12+ miles per shift
  • Long travel routes are dynamic and rapidly changing
  • The business model is changing rapidly and piece picking is replacing case picking
  • AMRs help reduce the amount of wasteful walking done by employees and can keep your employees at safe distance

Increase picking and replenishment 2-3X

  • Qualified labor is hard to find
  • Fulfillment accuracy and replenishment is time consuming and error prone
  • E-commerce is on the rise and continues to be competitive for delivering more products and faster deliveries
  • AMRs reduce travel times, improve accuracy, and increase productivity

Ready for Material Handling

  • Highly flexible mobile conveyor and material handling systems
  • Multiple material handling payload options available through our partnership with TREW Automation
  • Bidirectional transfer of materials between multiple pick-up and drop-off (P&D) locations

Ready for Collaboration

  • Autonomous free-range navigation for working flawlessly and safely around people and other automation
  • Autonomous battery charging: detects and communicates its state of charge to the user and docks with the charger on its own
  • Direct drive wheels provide unmatched force/torque compliance for safety (able to be effortlessly moved even when unpowered)

Ready for Industrial Environments

  • Capable of light to heavy payloads up to 300 kg (661 lbs)
  • Extra long runtime up to 20 hours with its powerful hot-swappable battery
  • Precise P&D docking with industrial conveyors and other automation systems


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